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Egotickets Android App Launched

We’re really thrilled to announce the launch of our Android App. This is great news because people can now keep up with events on the go and do more with their smart devices.


Download from Google Play Store

Using the app for the first time requires you to connect with your Facebook Account. This is great because we can recommend great events for you which are very personalised. Going to an event alone is sometimes really boring & takes a lot of the excitement away. Egotickets Mobile takes care of that for you by connecting you to events that your friends are attending and a lot more.

We spent a great deal of time trying to come up with the perfect home screen that will be both appealing and makes sense to our users. The home screen shows the featured events in very large pictures and that takes about 60% of the devises screen. The rest of the screen has four simple action buttons...

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Event Date Labelling & Improvements

At Encodev Labs we are exponentially passionate about how UI design affects our end users in very meaningful ways. One of our biggest priority & challenge is to empower users to significantly speed up how they digest information and make decisions by simply looking at highlight areas when a chuck of information is presented to them.

The Old Date Status Label

On Egotickets we created what we call the “Date Status Label”, a very basic label that takes the event date and gives one a status like “Today”, “On Going”, “Past” etc. This allows our users to quickly know when an event is taking place without delving deeper to read the Full date information. Without this simple label it would be pain processing 16th March 2013 as Tomorrow if you have forgotten today’s date as most of us do.


The New Date Status Label

We continuously ask ourselves simple questions, like, how can we make this...

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Get your event online & start selling tickets under 3 minutes


So you’ve figured out your awesome event, you’ve got a great title, already figured out your event location and dates, you may have even gone further to put down some descriptions about this event and your graphics designer just sent you an awesome cover artwork for this event. Your adrenaline is pumped up and your ego is shinning through like a morning sun rise.

Next on your mind is putting these details online and getting the word out so you can start accepting registrations for must-see-event-of-the-year. Oops! you’re suddenly stuck, too many services are fighting for your attention, you feel like there are a million tiny voices in your head screaming “Hey! I am the right one for you”.

You take a deep breath and you actually honestly want to try out a few of these services. Oh no! looks like you need a CS Degree coupled with an MBA in Internet Services to finish any of these...

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READ THIS! Before your next event


You have been organising great events. Attendees come in with high hopes, leave with higher ideals, a new mindset, a happier soul or a rekindled spirit. You’re touching lives! You do your best to offer a great experience:from selecting the right venue to picking the best date. Most importantly, your high standards means you’re making sure every experience is necessary, convenient and useful to your attendees. EVERY EXPERIENCE!…except ticketing.


“Absolutely right! Ticketing is where it all falls short of excellent”

We feel your pain. Your simple quest to sell a seat to your event always turns into a complex maze of activities that overwhelms you and your attendees. From print-houses to partner sales shops, supermarkets and other middlemen this labyrinth adds unnecessary costs along every turn. The outcome? An overpriced paper that is a hustle for your fans to get in town and a...

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