Egotickets Android App Launched

We’re really thrilled to announce the launch of our Android App. This is great news because people can now keep up with events on the go and do more with their smart devices.


Download from Google Play Store

Using the app for the first time requires you to connect with your Facebook Account. This is great because we can recommend great events for you which are very personalised. Going to an event alone is sometimes really boring & takes a lot of the excitement away. Egotickets Mobile takes care of that for you by connecting you to events that your friends are attending and a lot more.

We spent a great deal of time trying to come up with the perfect home screen that will be both appealing and makes sense to our users. The home screen shows the featured events in very large pictures and that takes about 60% of the devises screen. The rest of the screen has four simple action buttons leading users to various functionalities of the App.

Checkout some of the screens from the Egotickets Android App.


Currently the app allows users to do the following the following

We’re working on some upcoming exciting features to boost the experience. Go on Download The App and give us your comments and reviews.



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