Event Date Labelling & Improvements

At Encodev Labs we are exponentially passionate about how UI design affects our end users in very meaningful ways. One of our biggest priority & challenge is to empower users to significantly speed up how they digest information and make decisions by simply looking at highlight areas when a chuck of information is presented to them.

The Old Date Status Label #

On Egotickets we created what we call the “Date Status Label”, a very basic label that takes the event date and gives one a status like “Today”, “On Going”, “Past” etc. This allows our users to quickly know when an event is taking place without delving deeper to read the Full date information. Without this simple label it would be pain processing 16th March 2013 as Tomorrow if you have forgotten today’s date as most of us do.


The New Date Status Label #

We continuously ask ourselves simple questions, like, how can we make this better? We realised that we could improve the date status label to further empower endusers in consuming information we provide them at a faster pace and that translates into faster decisions which ultimately translates into sales conversions.

Lets assume with had an event that’s going to kickoff today. Having a simple date status label such as “Today” instead of “Sat. March 15, 6pm” is OK but not enough. It will be great if you had this “Today - about 3 hours”, you can now make certain extra decisions quickly by just looking at this information alone, you immediately know whether you’ll be running late for the event, how much time you have before the event, etc. New date label sample below


We hope you are excited about our small improvements as much as we are.


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